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Sylvania Intervention & Prevention Counselor receives honors
 Bill Geha Professionally Recognized
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Bill Geha, Intervention & Prevention Counselor for Sylvania Schools has received national and international professional recognition for his world-renowned work with drug counseling and prevention. 

Bill Geha 2020

Bill Geha

In 2020, Mr. Geha was one of 20 individuals inducted into the International Association of Top Professionals.  This award recognizes decades of work locally, nationally, and internationally.  His career as a drug counselor and prevention specialist spans from individual counseling of local students to his work sharing best practices with state and federal government officials.


For the 20 years that Mr. Geha has been contracting with Sylvania Schools, he has made a tremendous positive impact in our community through many initiatives including the PEACE Project. On November 24, 2020 the American flag over the U.S. Capitol was flown in honor of Mr. Geha at the request of Representative Kaptur.


Sylvania Schools congratulates Mr. Geha on his professional recognition. 

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bill geha

The certificate that accompanied the flag that Bill received.

Bill Geha with flag

Bill Geha holding the American Flag that was flown over the Capitol Building in his honor on November 24, 2020.

William Geha honored member of IAOTP Counselor of the Decade.

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Geha video

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