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Sylvania Township News
Sylvania Township News, February 2022
by Mike Jones
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Distinguished Citizen Service Award  February 16, 2022

Two people have been recognized by Sylvania Township for their volunteer efforts, “for the betterment of the community and their fellow citizens,” Oliver Turner, township administrator, said in announcing the awards.

He added that the township awards are meant to “shine a light on high-impact volunteers who have given of themselves…”

McKenna Reitz was presented with a Distinguished Citizen Service Award for her work with others in trying to reframe some of life’s challenges into gifts and opportunities.

She had alopecia an autoimmune disorder that resulted in the loss of her hair, which resulted in her wanting to help others through their losses.

A TEDx speaker and a challenge coach, she has been an AP psychology teacher for 17 years at Springfield High School and coaches varsity volleyball there.

She is a devoted advocate for the Sylvania community, is active in the McDonald House Charities of Northwest Ohio, the University of Toledo, and many other philanthropies.

Brian Kezur also received a Distinguished Citizen Service Award for his volunteer efforts in the community.

He is a graduate of Ohio State University and the owner of Sylvania Steel Corp.

Mr. Kezur is on the board of the Sylvania Area Chamber of Commerce, the Downtown Sylvania Association, and the Sylvania Area Joint Recreation District.

Sentiments expressed about him from those who know him best were shared at the presentation.

One said, in part, he “Is always willing and able to lend a hand or his time to a worthy cause,”  Another wrote, “He is your guy in the morning setting up for events and the last guy to leave at cleanup.”

Mr. Turner was one of a four-member committee that chose this year’s inaugural winners.

Others on the committee were Brad Rieger, CEO of Cooper Smith advertising and a former superintendent of Sylvania Schools, Tiffany Scott, executive director of the Sylvania Area Chamber of Commerce, and Bill Sanford, Sylvania City director of economic development.

Mr. Turner said the group met many times to consider individuals for the award and were involved in actions to promote awareness and welcome nominations.


Sylvania Township trustees have approved an increase in certain fees charged for some of the permits issued by the township planning and zoning office.

Daryl Graus, manager of the office said the increases are sought in those categories to help cover overall increases in administrative expenses.

Mr. Graus noted that there have been no increases in permit fees for the last 10 years.  He added that even with the increases, Sylvania Township permit fees will equal or be lower than the fees charged by nearby townships reviewed by his office.

New fees, with the former cost in parenthesis, are: deck/pergola $35 ($25), fence-commercial/industrial $50 ($35). fence-residential  $35 ($25), pool-above ground $40 ($25).

A fee of $300 will be assessed for a hearing by the board of zoning appeals as opposed to the current $250, and a change in zoning request to the township zoning commission will be $350, compared to the current $250.

NEW FIRE ENGINE  February 16, 2022

The purchase of a new fire engine for the Sylvania Township Fire Department has been approved by the township trustees.

The cost of the apparatus is not to exceed $727,180 and will be paid for on a lease-to-purchase basis from Sutphen Corp., the manufacturer of the fire engine.

Fire Chief Mike Ramm said it had been planned to order a new engine in 2023, but the delivery of fire engines and other pieces of large equipment has been getting later and later.

“It used to be we would get an engine 12 to 14 months after order. Now, it can be 24 to 36 months. “We’re trying to be proactive,” Chief Ramm said.

He said the problem affects all fire departments and manufacturers.

“It’s getting the parts. It’s the price of steel,”  he said, adding that there are many factors that have led to the delay in delivering orders.

The purchase has been budgeted with funds in the department’s Apparatus Replacement Schedule and will be through the Ohio Department of Administrative Services’ cooperative purchasing program.

He said payment is only due at delivery.

The chief noted that a fire engine ordered in December 2020 is now expected this June.

The department currently has one reserve engine which is 13 years old.  It is not fit for front-line service, according to the department’s emergency vehicle technician. the chief said.

Permits So Far  February 10, 2022

Although it is only one month, the first month of 2022 resulted in an increase over last year in permits issued for the construction of single-family homes in Sylvania Township, according to Daryl Graus,  manager of the township planning and zoning office.

Mr. Graus said his office issued 11 such permits in January, compared to 7 through the first month last year.

He noted that it is always dangerous to predict the future in requests for such permits, but the January numbers continue a trend that was evident last year.

Permits issued for the construction of single-family homes in Sylvania Township last year were 129.

Last year’s total was the most since 2006 when 134 such permits were issued.

The office generally considers it a sign of good economic growth when about 100 single-family permits are issued. This past year, that mark was reached in September.

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