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Mayor's Message by Craig A. Stough
January 6, 2022
"City of Sylvania Ready for 2022" 
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The City of Sylvania is ready for 2022! Equipped with a balanced budget, an Annexation/JEDD  Agreement with Sylvania Township and continued lower water rates, the City is looking forward  to the promise and challenges of the coming year.  

Mayor Craig Stough

City of Sylvania Mayor,
Craig A. Stough

Sylvania City Council unanimously approved the 2022 Operating and Capital Improvement  Budgets during their November 15th meeting after several weeks of Finance Committee review  and meetings. The Operating Budget is balanced with current revenues. The Capital  Improvements Budget is supplemented with several State of Ohio construction grants. The  books for 2021 were closed without any additional allocations in the major funds.  

City operations continue to be more efficient with fewer employees than fifteen years ago.  Overtime is being monitored, equipment life is being extended and budgets are regularly  reviewed for greater efficiency. City services have not been curtailed and tax rates have not been  raised. Although down in 2020 due to the pandemic, income tax revenue rebounded last year as  businesses continue to invest in Sylvania.  

The City of Sylvania begins the new year with its Annexation/JEDD Agreement with Sylvania  Township in full effect. Our two communities are moving forward and cooperating for greater  efficiency and quality of life for all our residents. The first JEDD is operating at the Crescent, an  independent living community that is part of Oak Leaf Village, on Holland-Sylvania Road,  collecting payroll income taxes shared by the City and Sylvania Township.  

In addition, water rates reduced 25% in 2020 for City of Sylvania customers continue at that  lower rate. The Regional Water Commission established with the City of Toledo and its eight  customer communities is operating and regularly monitoring water safety, operations and rates. 

Sylvania City Council's every other year Organizational Meeting was held January 3rd. The  meeting is required by the City Charter to be held no later than January 8th following each City  Council election that is held every two years in the odd numbered years. The two re-elected City  Council members Mary Westphal and Patrick Richardson and newly elected member Marcus  Hansen were sworn in.  

The new City Council then declared itself duly constituted of seven elected and duly qualified  members. Mark Frye was re-elected as City Council President. Committee chairmanship and  assignments were distributed by President Frye and confirmed by vote of City Council. 

Mayors Message Jan 2022

2022 Sylvania City Council: Front Row Lyndsey Stough, Mark Frye, Mary Westphal; Back Row Doug Haynam,  Patrick Richardson, Brian McCann, Marcus Hansen.

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