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Mayor's Message by Craig A. Stough
March 3, 2022
"2022 Capital Improvements" 
(read the last Mayor's Message)

During the short days and cold temperatures of winter, construction season seems a long way off. But, the days are getting longer and the temperatures are getting warmer. That means the 2022 construction season will soon be getting underway, and the City of Sylvania has several capital improvement projects planned.  

Mayor Craig Stough

City of Sylvania Mayor,
Craig A. Stough

Many of the projects are being financed in part by State of Ohio grant funds and in cooperation with Lucas  County. Over the last four years, approximately $36.3 million in grant funds have been awarded to the City of Sylvania to help finance various recent and future infrastructure projects.  


No tax increases or property owner assessments will be made to pay for these capital improvements. Investing annually in projects like these improve our community and keep Sylvania one of the best places to live and work in northwest Ohio. 

To improve pedestrian safety at the River Trail crossing of Harroun Road, a HAWK traffic signal will be installed. A HAWK signal is a pedestrian crossing signal which will initiate overhead red lights to stop traffic  when activated by pedestrians. The project is funded in part by an Ohio Public Works Commission (OPWC)  grant. The signal was bid and awarded last year, and will be installed this summer. 

Maplewood Ave between Main Street and the railroad tracks has been redesigned for replacement at an estimated cost of $706,500, in part financed by a $299,900 OPWC Grant. The old concrete paving under the asphalt is breaking down causing a rough road. Aging water and sewer lines will be replaced. New ADA  compliant sidewalks and streetscaping will be installed to update the area. 

The largest and most costly project this year will go unseen when complete, although you may have observed  last summer's sewer lining construction project on Sylvania Avenue and McCord Road. Continuing that program, additional aging large diameter concrete mains 15" or greater in size will be lined at a cost of $1.1  million, paid in part with a $489,422 OPWC Grant. The remaining cost will be financed with a 20 year low  interest loan from the Ohio Water Development Authority. The project has been bid and will be completed this  summer.  

Another project continuing from last year will be Harroun Park / Ten Mile Creek Restoration Phase 2 to extend the stream bank restoration efforts further east along Ten Mile Creek. The State of Ohio mostly funded Phase 1, was pleased with the results and has chosen to fund Phase 2 improvements as well, providing $600,000 of the  $702,000 project.  

We will work with the contractors to complete these improvements quickly and efficiently and reduce inconvenience to our residents. We appreciate your patience as the projects proceed this coming construction season.  

Engineering is also underway for improvement projects in the coming years; all paid for in part with state and county grants: 


  • 2022/2023 Harroun and Monroe Intersection Improvements - $2.2 million  

  • 2023 Silica and Monroe Intersection Improvements - $2.4 million  

  • 2023 Silica Road Bridge Replacement - $1.2 million  

  • 2025 US 23/Monroe Street/Alexis Road Interchange Improvements - $28 million


These projects will all strengthen and improve traffic circulation in Sylvania for years to come. 

Capital improvements 3-3-2022 pic 1

Ten Mile Creek improvements to banks and storm water flow.

Capital Improvements 3-3-2022  pic 2
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