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Farmers Market 2021
Sylvania Farmers Market 2021 season
Final market of season is October 12, 2021
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The Sylvania Farmers Market has announced a new location for the 2021 season: Harroun Community Park, 5428 Main St, Sylvania, OH 43560.

"The season is going to be great, we’re in a new location, we have a lot of energy and a lot of entities offering their support as we grow the market," said Dani Fuller, president of the Red Bird Arts District and Downtown Sylvania Association.  "It’s a great place for us to grow and expand over the next ten years."

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Fuller shared that the overall response to the move has been positive. 


"We've moved the market quite a bit, trying to find that right location.  This feels like a really good landing place for us," Fuller said of the new site.  "We think its really fitting to have it there.  It's close to the Lathrop house, close to the new condos that are about to come in, and you’ve got nice walking paths back there.  We’re going to have a pavilion, there will be live music, and there's a lot more accessibility."


Fuller explained that the Farmers Market, which is under the umbrella of the Red Bird Arts District, now has a larger, robust committee overseeing the changes.  

"It's a more diverse perspective," shared Fuller.  "Heritage Sylvania is on board, they'll be opening up the Lathrop House during the Market and doing other activities.  The Library is as well, and will be here doing story hour and bringing more fun.  And Lourdes University is now on the committee too." 

Fuller said that the hope is for a connection to grow between the downtown district and the university.  

"We’re getting closer and closer to bridging that gap between the University and downtown," said Fuller.  "That’s been a positive motivator for us, too, in choosing this new location.  And there is an energy to try to build more paths, whether its from Silica and on up, to downtown and Main Street.   I think this is going to help, I think each time we inch closer to our anchors, we’re going to demand more paths and ways to connect."


The Farmers Market committee is open to the community, anyone wishing to join and support the market is welcome.  Volunteers for setting up and tearing down are also welcome, those interested should contact Katie Fields at .

"We’re really trying to liven up our downtown," added Fuller. 

Hours for the market will be slightly different this year, start time will be 4:00 this year, in order to give the St. Joe's traffic and busses time to exit the lot.  


"St. Joe's has been really great," said Fuller.  "They're really excited to have us."

The first Farmers Market of the season is June 1, 2021, 4:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.

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